Since Melissa first grasped a pencil, her talent for visual creativity was undeniable. As that creativity developed into passion and then into a career, Melissa forged a path with courageous and stunning designs that have earned her enviable success and respect in her field.

Melissa's background however, with the digital world, is actually embedded in its technologies; trained in software development and programming. This highly sought after knowledge combined with a highly active creative mind meant that Melissa was quickly recruited to design striking interfaces that ensured a powerful user experience. Melissa has implemented this very unique skill set across all areas of branding, marketing and the web to generate outstanding results for her clients and their businesses, and in this, a reputation for excellence.

Melissa's fundamental foundation is to ensure that the visuals of your business set an instantaneous tone of quality, reflective of your own care and value in what you do.

Her work will take yours to a whole new level.